CTV ad growth is constrained by people not technology.

‘THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE BEING THROTTLED’: INTERNET-ENABLED TV IS MISSING OUT ON PROGRAMMATIC AD BUYS: Advertisers and ad tech firms continue to prime the programmatic pump for connected TV ad sellers, from TV networks and individual publishers to platforms like Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku. Read More: digiday.com

Targeted Ads Aren’t Just Online, They’re On Tv

If you have a cell phone service that’s also connected, they can know where you’re going out in the world and be able to take all that information into account to target you with ads on TV.Molly Wood: How much more money can cable companies make? I assume they can charge more for an addressable TV ad than a generic one. Read More: www.marketplace.org

Psychographics In Digital Advertising After Cambridge Analytica

Psychographic profiling has gained much popularity – and bad press – since Cambridge Analytica helped Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States. For digital marketers though, with the reign of social platforms and the rise of big data, psychographics represents an exceptional source of consumer insights. Read More: digital-me-up.com