Is Influencer Impact On Brand Image And Safety A Concern For Marketers?

Trusting influencers with brand reputation was the greatest concern for 14% of UK and US digital marketing respondents, according to an August 2018 survey from Influencer Intelligence and Econsultancy. According to a February 2019 survey from influencer tech company Activate, nearly one in five respondents said they planned to up their influencer marketing budgets by 25% to 49% this year, and some have plans to more than triple their budgets. Read More:

Ads as Content or Content as Ads? Either way, brilliant!

HOW THE BBC USES PROGRAMMATIC ADS TO DISTRIBUTE BRANDED CONTENT: Using audience data, he said, is delivering branded content to the right people at the right time and resulting in less wastage. The BBC regularly uses its audience behavioral data to look at what audience groups are interested in, from trending topics to the stories, formats and devices that its audience is spending the most time on. Read More:

As Ccpa Deadline Approaches, Only 14% Of Enterprises Fully Compliant So Far

Half of the firms were impacted by GDPR and CCPA, while 50% were only subject to CCPA. What’s also interesting is asked how much they expected to spend on CCPA compliance, 71% of respondents said their spending would exceed $100,000; 39% said it would be more than $500,000 and 19% said it would be more than $1 million. These results, if they can be generalized, indicate that most companies are aware of CCPA and are in somewhere on the compliance spectrum. Read More:

Research Insight: Video Ads Are Getting Longer

The study broke video ads down into two cohorts: video ads running YouTube and video ads running everywhere else. The Headline: Video ads are getting decidedly longer – albeit in the least dramatic way possible. Read More:

Tv Industry Eyes Hybrid Linear, On-demand Ott Services

Once used to describe pared-down cable TV packages, the skinny bundle has since been brought into the digital video sphere and can describe linear OTT services that offer customizable channel packages or a service that combines linear and on-demand content, as defined in the Digital TV Europe study. Time spent with linear OTT services grew 108% year over year, much faster than the 60% in time spent viewing other streaming services not defined as linear OTT, per Conviva. Read More: