Managing Product Teams for Success

I’ve been thinking about the challenges of managing product teams by outcomes. Layer on top of this the fact that managers are used to controlling and dictating, product teams are used to being told what to do, and everyone is used to falling back on the org chart and functional silos to pass the buck, and it’s no surprise that truly autonomous teams are hard to come by. Read More:

The Simple 7-Step Process to Produce 10x Better Content

Sure, we had developed personas based on customer interviews about the pain points our product solved, but we had never asked customers about the problems our content could solve. Writing, like all art forms, is subjective, so figure out what your customer’s idea of a good story is and produce it. Read More:

Artificial Tree Can Suck Up As Much Air Pollution As A Small Forest

It developed an artificial tree that it claims is capable of sucking up the equivalent amount of air pollution as 368 living trees. Called Biourban, the near 14-foot metal tree employs microalgae which pulls carbon dioxide and other contaminants from the air and returns pure oxygen in exchange. Read More: