Adtech needs to stop circumventing and start embracing consumer choice.

‘THE SCALE OF THE PROBLEM IS ENORMOUS’: APPLE FLEXES STRONG ANTI-TRACKING STANCE: Firefox has its own anti-tracking policy, which Apple nods to, and Google has pledged to crack down on cross-site tracking and fingerprinting. Apple’s no-nonsense stance toward privacy on the open web means industry sources question how long Apple will keep identification for advertising alive. Read More:

4.42% of search clicks fuels Google’s revenue

LESS THAN HALF OF GOOGLE SEARCHES NOW RESULT IN A CLICK: The Google Maps App, Google Search App, and YouTube are installed on almost every mobile device in the US, and likely have so much usage that, if their search statistics were included, Google’s true market share would be 97%+. That makes them a clear monopoly in search. Google’s ongoing attempts to answer more searches without a click to any results OR a click to Google’s own properties are both proving successful. Read More:

Mobile App Users' Ad Attention and Engagement

What Type of In-App Ads Grab Users’ Attention?

There’s good news for in-app advertisers: the majority of US mobile app users say that they believe the quality of the ads in both paid and even free apps is high. Close to three-quarters of respondents download only free apps, while another one-quarter say they download both free and paid apps. Read More: